Business Consulting

A business exists because there’s an economic problem to be solved. As a business owner you’re by default a problem solver and we’re no different. However, the sneaky nature of a problem is not just the issue itself, but the demand it makes on you mentally and emotionally. It diminishes your ability to focus on what really matters and just keeps nagging at you. With us on your team, we can pool together our wealth of common sense and experience to help you figure out a solution.

Dealing with a problem might not mean solving it completely. It could just be managing or minimising its impact to your state of mind. Sometimes you’re so close to the situation that hearing a new perspective gives you the break you need to refocus. It might not be an accounting or tax problem, but it doesn’t mean we haven’t seen it ourselves, with other people in our lives or our clients. We know that the important thing for our clients is to be able to keep moving towards their goals – and not feel trapped in one spot.

We’re really fortunate to have in our network a wide range of high-end experts across many facets of business. We want to help, and that might just mean having a drink and a chat or making the right introductions.

Specialist Service

Make it go away – priority assistance, review and solution execution

I’m not sure I’m doing it right – fresh-eyes review and feedback, comparative business benchmark analysis

It’s bigger than I thought – expectation/perception management, compartmentalisation and isolated solutions, network introduction to specialist

I could probably do better – historic and current performance analysis, process optimisation review, cost management review