Entrepreneur & Startup Accounting and Support

Anyone can start a business, but that doesn’t make them an entrepreneur. Entrepreneurs fix problems that everyone else just tolerates. They see things for how they could be and wonder why everyone’s happy with how it is right now.

All startups need the same suite of accounting and back end support as an everyday business. Just because you’re out to change the world doesn’t mean you get a pass on filing your tax returns. With us on your team, none of the important (but less exciting) work gets missed.

More than that, we know that building a successful startup means you’ll be living and breathing every moment of it. Every win validates your vision, but every loss can feel personal.

We know that our role isn’t just about getting some accounts and tax returns done, or coming up with a fancy business structure that lets you scale with minimal disruption. It’s about propping you up when you’re mentally and emotionally exhausted, cheering you on when you make a breakthrough, reminding you not to lose sight of the goal, and celebrating the small successes that add up over time.

The Nuts and Bolts

Financial statements, preparing and filing tax returns, Inland Revenue tax agent

Tax structuring and growth phase planning

Business guidance, admin processes and support, business health check

Specialist Service

Nurturing the idea – progress analysis, decision making sense check, perspective and expectation management

Funding the growth – new shareholder support, funding option review, fund deployment management

Making it big – profit consolidation strategies, new venture feasibility, personal tax advice and support

If it doesn’t pan out – exit strategy planning, loss mitigation, tax efficient wind down