Tax Consulting and Strategy

Almost all accountants file tax returns, but don’t confuse this with tax consulting. Tax consulting is the detail-oriented planning and integration of tax law specific to your situation. With us on your team, you have access to some of the best tax specialists around to help you get the most out of the tax system.

Good tax management at key moments in your business and life can make a world of difference. At best, getting it wrong means getting no benefit from the tax rules, but at worst, puts you in a tough situation to operate in or remove yourself from. Getting it right will give you and your business room to grow without being suffocated by tax obligations.

But you can’t plan for everything. Sometimes, a tax problem just gets in your way or evolves over time. These situations almost always need measured but decisive action. You’ll want to know what kind of exposure you’re facing, what options are available, what trade-offs you’ll need to live with and how to bounce back.

Many of our team have trained in tax at the biggest accounting firms in the country and have the connections to bring together the right people to get you to the best solution. We’ve worked with large corporations, international transactions, with high net worth people, specialist industries, complex multi business groups, those that are self-employed and local businesses. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t, the choices and the risks associated, but most importantly we’ve seen how this all needs to be considered within the context of what’s practical.

Specialist Service

Jet setting – tax residency advice, foreign investment tax returns, international income repatriation, international expansion review

Managing your tax – tax efficient decision making, tax loss management, tax error corrections, Inland Revenue tax agent and liaison, Inland Revenue review assistance

Empire building – business structure planning and review, multi entity tax planning, intra-group transactions

Business mogul – due diligence on sale or purchase of business, tax efficient business restructuring, shareholder entry and exit strategy

Speciality interest – property tax advice, GST advice and review, fringe benefit advice and review, specialist industry tax advice