About Us

We are a New Generation of Accounting

We’ve taken what works from traditional accounting firms, and rebuilt the rest. We know how expert accounting advice can create space for a business to thrive, especially when it’s tailored to their personal situation. We want our clients to have access to this kind of personalised service, so we made sure that it’s built into how we do things at SWLC. We pre-qualify our clients to make sure we’re a good fit for each other because we aren’t in this for the short term. SWLC isn’t just another accounting firm:

If I just wanted to do accounting I probably would’ve stayed working for a traditional firm. But I saw too many motivated businesses getting vanilla, middle-of-the-road advice because personal relationships were reserved for the biggest clients. Working inside that machine, the message was clear, ‘we can’t cater for everyone’ – enough was enough.

– Shane, Founder SWLC

Throw out the old bookkeeper.
Get Some Personalised and Tailored Accounting, Now.

Our Process

We Support You and Your Business

We treat accounting differently here at SWLC. Sure, we find playing with numbers fun. But what we enjoy most is when we’re able to understand how they impact you and where you want to be. Check out our simple process to get started:

  • Consultation
  • Solution
  • Action


One of our experienced Chartered Accountants will catch up with you and chat to you about you and your business goals. We want to get to know you, so we can see the whole picture.


We tailor a suite of support and services that pair to your needs and circumstances. We’re flexible, so we can respond to any changes to your situation.


We’re on your team from day one making sure that you can focus on building your business. We’re there to back you up if anything out of the ordinary happens.