Small to Medium Business Accounting and Support

For small to medium businesses we know that the thought of “doing your compliance” can weigh heavy on your shoulders. With us on your team you can focus on the things you care about like building and running your business.

Having a well-prepared set of accounts doesn’t just tick a box for compliance, it becomes an asset for your business. They provide insight into exactly where you are, what’s working, and allow you to create a plan to move your business onward and upwards.

But what about when your “small” business stops being so small? Or when “small” doesn’t mean “simple”? As your business grows, you can end up outgrowing basic accounting services.

Our team members come from backgrounds working with some pretty big and pretty complex businesses across New Zealand. We’ve cut our teeth in the toughest professional environments in our industry. We know we’ve got the skills and experience to support you no matter what stage your business is at.

The Nuts and Bolts

Financial statements, management accounts, reporting for financing

Preparing and filing tax returns, Inland Revenue tax agent, GST returns, provisional tax review and payment advice

Business guidance, admin processes and support, business health check

Specialist Service

Expanding your reach – division/product feasibility review, executive management procedures

Building your team – workflow resource planning, remuneration structuring

Managing your tax – multi entity tax planning, tax efficient decision making

Keeping on track – long term goal planning, decision making sense check, perspective and expectation management